About Cary & My Harmonized Home

What makes "My Harmonized Home" unique?

Your home is your sacred space...a place that is special to you. Your environment can be a healing sanctuary, one that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.

When I established My Harmonized Home, my vision was to create balance and energy in your home and work space. Delivering that objective has required tremendous study, testing, and application of  special techniques that were kept hidden for thousands of years.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardi da Vinci

The Energy Sciences

For over 25 years, I have studied the energy secrets of the masters of art and architecture, such as da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, the ancient Egyptians, and more, who knew how to create specific kinds of energy fields that are beneficial to you.

Leonardo da Vinci, for example, used “sacred geometry” in the Mona Lisa, his famous masterpiece which has attracted more than six million visitors annually, making it the #1 most viewed painting in the world. He knew that sacred geometry is in all living things, including the beautiful sunflower, the shape of a tree branch, and the magnificent spiral of every DNA in your body.


The Science of Attraction

Global companies today are beginning to recognize the power of using these techniques. Apple, McDonalds, Adidas, BP, Toyota, Pepsi, and Bentley, for example, use sacred geometry in their logo development and products themselves, as they have stumbled upon the hidden mystery:  sacred geometry is the science of attraction that helps bring people into harmony and balance. It also draws people to the brand, increasing sales and boosting customer happiness.


There are many techniques, including sacred geometry, that these ancient masters knew and kept hidden for good reason. Other secret methods include specific number patterns and special shapes that generate beneficial energy fields.

Today, I’m bringing back these secrets in a fresh, new way to energize your home and your life.

As I design and build your space, I use the energetic sciences to create specific fields of energy that you desire in each room, as well as for the entire home. When your home is balanced through my energy consultations, you will feel the difference.