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How England was planned using an energy grid
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How England was planned using an energy grid

Home Harmonization Consultation


One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is to energize your home. When your home is in balance, you will feel more harmonious.

The great masters of art and architecture, including da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and the ancient Egyptians, knew that by creating various energy fields in a space through shape, specific patterns, and other hidden techniques, people’s lives would change. By resonating with the energies created in a space, the inhabitants absorb this energy, and subsequently, their lives are profoundly impacted.

For thousands of years, the kings, queens, and other rulers around the world consulted with energy masters to apply their secret methods to cathedrals, palaces, special monuments, and even entire villages and cities. This important knowledge was kept hidden by the ruling elite and by the energy masters. 

These special techniques would create power for the ruling forces and elite by bringing various energy qualities into their spaces, including the following:

  • Clearing and cleansing
  • Harmonizing and balancing
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Prosperity
  • Activating the crown chakra, bringing in “spiritual gold” and often physical gold and wealth in general
  • Harmonization of radioactive energy
  • Harmonization of EMFs (electromagnetic fields)

Hundreds of cathedrals, churches, and other religious buildings would feel sacred after these hidden energy techniques were applied. On a larger scale, many ancient cities and towns, especially in Great Britian and Europe, were designed based on energy techniques, resulting in strength, protection, wealth, and power.

London, for example, was built on key “Ley lines” that channeled beneficial energy to important buildings, such as Buckinghman Palace, Fulham Palace, the Royal Courts of Justice, Westminster, Big Ben, and 10 Downing Street, the government headquarters of the United Kingdom. The centers of power and decision-making benefitted from this energy work.

In fact, for many centuries, until the early 20th century, England had amassed such great wealth and political power, having more land than any other ruling entity in the world. 

Until now, these energy techniques were reserved and used for the ruling entities and empires, and because of their effectiveness, these energy techniques were kept secret to prevent access to the masses.

For over 25 years, Cary Weldy has studied the “secrets of the masters”, including the development, testing, and application of his own transformational methods as well. His work in the energy sciences has resulted in the ability to bring this ancient wisdom and master techniques to you.

In this energy consultation, Cary brings these special techniques that were previously reserved for the privileged and wealthy to you, your home, and your work environments. The Home Harmonization Consultation may be applied to your home or work environments.

The Home Harmonization Consultation may be done remotely via photos or from a visit by Cary to your home or work space. Additional fees may apply for travel, depending on the time and distance involved.

The Home Harmonization Consultation includes the following services:

  • Energy Balancing of the Property:  General protection, overall clearing of unwanted and negative energies, empowerment with beneficial energies, and more.
  • Energetic Smudging:  Clearing of unwanted energy in a space, including negative emotional energy, toxic thought forms, wandering spirits, and other energy forms that create blocks. 
  • Doorway Harmonization:  Research from the University of Notre Dame shows that walking through most doorways has a detrimental effect on one’s memory. The negative energy emanating through most doorways also increases the aging process. In this consultation, Cary will harmonize each doorway and shift the energy from toxic to beneficial, resulting in feeling better in the home. 
  • Toxic Earth Line Harmonization:  There is a grid of toxic earth lines that frequently cuts through key areas, such as a bed, doorways, office, or an entryway. In this consultation, these lines are adjusted to remove their negative impact on a space. Click here to learn more about toxic earth lines. 
  • EMF (electromagnetic fields), WIFI, and Smart Meter Harmonization:  Click here to learn more on a video with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, who has conducted extensive research on the detrimental impact that EMFs, WIFI, and Smart Meters have on the body.
  • Energetic Staging:  Once unwanted energy is cleared from your home and property, then each key room can be energetically” staged”, including the entry, living room, kitchen, and each bedroom. For example:
    • Entry:  Create an atmosphere that is happy, warm, and welcoming
    • Living room:  Inviting, relaxing, harmonious, grounding
    • Kitchen:  Happy, nurturing, good for digestion 
    • Bedrooms:  Peaceful, tranquil, quiet, and calming
    • Home Office:  Upbeat, productive, motivating
    • Bathroom:  Clearing and cleansing
  • Energy balancing art:  Each consultation will receive one Tranquility Poster and one Joy Art Decal. You may order additional posters or decals here.
  • Energetic Firewall Protection:  Creating energy shields around your home helps prevent psychic attacks, negative thought streams from others, and other forms of energy drains. If this is done remotely, you will need to email photos of the four primary exterior sides of your home, as well as your home address.


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